“Therapy with Aubrey has helped me in so many ways.  I feel as if my burdens are lessened after speaking with her. She is always there for me and I feel as if I am never alone because of her dedication and caring nature.”

About Aubrey Hooley

Aubrey Hooley

Over the years, I have provided therapy on all levels in many cultural contexts. I have attended multiple trainings in such things along the way as Suicide Prevention, Couples Work, Trauma Informed practices, Mindfulness, Eye Movement Desentization Reprocessing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Neurobiology Assessment Sequencing and more. I also serve as a contract therapist for Tri-County Community Behavioral health and a Virtual Individual and Couples therapist for Talkspace, an online community for therapy. I have served on boards in capacities related to my community and mental health focus which include Communiversity, Trauma Matters KC, Resilient KC, Alive and Well, and attended numerous functions across the city to support and learn more. The variety of cultures, work experiences and environments has provided along with my own journeys the concept that therapy does feel like magic to me. I am privileged to have it be a daily occurrence in my world and happy to help pass on what I have learned and noticed along the way.

Professional Background

2012 – Present: Private Practice Therapist

Individual, Couples and Family therapy practice focused on integrative eclectic techniques including Mindfulness, communication and conflict styles, action based, cognitive psychotherapy, narrative, and trauma/resilience informed psycho education and integration.

2016 – Present: Virtual & Clinical Therapist

Since 2016 I’ve been working in conjunction with TalkSpace providing online therapy. Sessions include traditional work in ongoing client centered goals, emotional check in’s, mindfulness work, trauma informed concepts, narrative therapy, relationship centered skills, and coping skills, to name a few. Broad spectrum of engagement and intriguing ways to be part of a clients daily world. During this time I’ve also worked at the Tri-County Community Behavioral Health conducting therapy sessions within the community behavioral health structure, focused on substance abuse, trauma, anxiety, depression, as well as, all clinical diagnoses.

2018 – 2021: Clinical Therapist

I provided short term family, couples, and individual therapy including short term crisis work, CBT, narrative therapy, or other techniques to address issues which are impeding an employees job function to assist them to a higher level of performance and way of managing their lives.

2015 – 2017: Group & Correctional Therapy

I worked at Signature Psychiatric Hospital where I facilitated groups based around mental health concepts for adults and adolescents. Simultaneously I functioned at the PRN Correctional Facility as a therapist for correctional setting ahd daily monitoring of inmate mental health status.

2012 – 2016: Family Courts, Trauma Treatment, And Group Facilitation

My path next led to Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault where I completed an internship facilitating groups and providing intense trauma treatment focused sessions with clients. After this time learning even more valuable tools, I moved onto working for Jackson County Family Court for four years facilitating parenting groups.

2003 – 2007: International Travel, MBA, And Masters In Counseling

In alignment with my goals, I moved to Europe after graduating to teach English and see more of the wide world. After this amazing stint in life I moved to Kansas City to work on my Masters in Business Management while taking a role at a pediatric office and later at a recruitment company.

2002 – 2003: Hospital Counselor

After a few years into my schooling I then transitioned to Friends Psychiatric Hospital, working with eating disorders patients, and other patients diagnosed with a variety of mental health disorders. I had the pleasure of facilitating powerful group therapy, individual case work, and collaborating with doctors on patients’ progress.

1990 – 2002: Early Experiences In Mental Health Care

My experience in mental health began twenty-two years ago as I was responsible for managing a Women and Children’s Shelter in Champaign, Illinois which was very rewarding. I then worked in a variety of positions in residential treatment homes for adolescents diagnosed with spectrum disorders in Idaho.

If you’d like to read about my full professional background please head here

As you work with me you’ll see I enjoy a rich life and encourage others to, as well.

There was a time in my own journey where I would never have thought I could bend and flex in those scary yoga classes where people stared at each other, or summit a mountain where I might be carried down after disaster.

These days I know facing those fears and trying out or experimenting with ideas can be amazing and lovely while healing and growing you as a person.

Other ways I practice self-care and being mindful of me are sinking my fantasies into a juicy novel, challenging myself biking long distances, or meandering along smelling the summer air watching a sunset unfold.

Socializing is important and can be difficult when you are struggling to connect to people and feel a deep sense of loneliness or disconnect. I really understand and have been in that hard place. These days I reach out to any and all who are willing to hear, seem to think like I do, and am open to the patience it takes to foster friendships and relationships. It can be a process to find your tribe. The biggest are of my self-care and coping in an exciting amazing way is to travel. This could be to the local new diner or to India. I believe strongly in people taking in other cultures, experiencing freedom in working through travelling situations where you “get to the other side,” and embracing yourself with grace through these situations.

The power of all of this is you get to choose what puzzle piece works for you…what feels right, gives you joy, makes your heart beat faster, or causes a rush of self-recognition and strength.

Wishing you well,